Saturday, 29 July 2017

Rainbows and Butterflies

This is not a coming out post at all. In fact I came out quite some years ago. Not that my mum believed me.
I'm in a relationship with a man. My best friend, my soul mate. I've been with M for over 6 years now and I don't see that changing.
I get asked "how can you still be bisexual if you're with a guy?". Well let me tell it to you like this: because I very well can. I can't change who I like. It's not a switch that I can turn on and off.

When I was younger I admired women. I looked up to women in awe and was blown away by their grace, their fierce attitude, their power. But I started dating guys because that was the 'right thing to do'.
I grew up in a Catholic family. We were never that strict towards the religion but it was just frowned upon if we did anything against the Bible.
I experimented a lot when I was younger. I'm talking primary school to high school years here. I was always shy when I was younger when it came to things like that. I was scared of being judged and to some extent I still am (although now I know to shrug it off).

I am happy, content, and confident in myself. I like to think that I'm an open person and I will not let my sexuality get me down. Why should it? Why the hell should my preference even bother someone else?
Sadly, despite being the 21st century, there are still a lot of Trumps in the world. People who are determined to belittle others and think that everyone should be just like them. Well let me tell you Trump, everyone has rights, no matter what they want to call themselves - if they want to call themselves anything at all.

It annoys me that someone else's preference has so much weight on the happiness of someone else. seriously guys, if X wants to get with Z, why in the hell do you care? Is it your relationship? No. So back the fuck off.

Happy Pride weekend y'all! Peace out x



  1. Sadly there are still far too many 'Trump' like people in this world, and its sad because like you say, why should your personal preference effect their lives? Frankly, it shouldn't and doesn't affect them sooo! Go you girl anyway, keep doing you!

    Lucie | Forever September

  2. I love this post. People should be free to like/love anyone they please. It is no one else's business! It is amazing that you feel confident and happy with yourself...not enough people do these days. You are a true inspiration! <3


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