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Cute Nutrition: Weight Loss Bundle

Summer is finally upon us, and with it comes all of the 'bikini body' guides and 'look good this summer' promos. To be honest, I hate them. But what I don't hate are the discounts and deals that come with them, as well as loads of new stores opening up to promote their weight loss aids.

And in comes Cute Nutrition. I'd seen this brand advertised all over my Facebook and instagram. My first thought was that the packaging looked cute and appealing to me, but I didn't know if it was just a gimmicky product aimed at making money for themselves or not. I clicked through to their webpage and saved it in my reading list for well over a month before I had made my decision on the brand.
I followed them on social media and did a little research into the ingredients to make sure I wouldn't just be wasting my money.

And as you can guess, I caved and bought a bundle - but does it work?

I went for the weight loss bundle which includes 2 weeks worth of a meal replacement shake. Each shake claims to contain only 130 calories which isn't a healthy amount of calories to have in each meal, which is what a meal replacement shake is supposedly made for. The instructions say to make it with milk, or a milk alternative, which would already rack up your calorie intake above 130 anyway. Personally I make mine with water.
I try to have a shake for breakfast, a meal for lunch, a shake for my tea and then food at night time (because I'm a night time eater). Try being the key word here because I usually only keep it up for 2 days then switch it round to only 1 shake a day. My shifts in work are so crazy that I could be starting work at 6am on one day, and only starting at 3pm another so I tend to only have more than one shake when I'm on a 6am start.

I went for the chocolate flavour, but they also have vanilla, strawberry, and peaches & cream. They do cocktail flavours too but not in this bundle. I was expecting a drink that would be horribly bitty or powdery but I was surprised at how creamy and smooth it was. It reminds me of a McDonalds milkshake, just not as thick. Bare in mind that I make mine with water, so it would be a lot more creamy depending on what milk you add.
It was also surprisingly filling too. I'm a really bad snacker but I didn't feel the need to eat anything for hours after I'd drank this. I do fill the shaker which comes with the bundle to the top instead of only adding 250ml in, which thins the mixture out and makes it last longer.

As well as a meal replacement shake, the weight loss bundle came with Green Tea capsules, Acai Berry capsules and Dandelion Root capsules.
The Green Tea capsules are 1000mg each, which help to aid digestion. If you hate the taste of green tea like I do (it just tastes like lake water or something?) then these capsules are a perfect alternative!
Acai Berry is a super fruit so its always great to add some of them to your diet, and Dandelion Root helps to get rid of water weight, which is what people loose first and quickest when they start to diet. It also helps with bloating.

In addition to the Weight Loss Bundle, I purchased some CLA from Cute Nutrition as well. CLA stands for Conjugated Linoleic Acid - in simple terms its a natural occurring omega 6 fatty acid. When used in the gym it can help to burn off fat quicker.

I am quite active in the gym. I try to go about 2-3 times a week but sometimes its less due to my busy work schedule. Despite the gym, I don't feel like I was changing. I was going off appearance and clothes size rather than weight as I know that the scales can be an inaccurate way to check weight loss.
I mean, I don't even want to lose much weight, I just want to tone up and lose the fat on top of my muscles so you can see my efforts of the gym paying off. I feel like I've hit a wall in the gym now though despite trying to change it around all the time. I don't feel like I'm making any progress.

And thats where I'm hoping Cute Nutrition can help. I want to feel happy in my body again and see the efforts that I make in the gym finally come through. It's more for a self confidence boost than anything.

My first impressions from the bundle is that I really like the milkshake and I think that I'll just buy this next time. I don't see the difference that the capsules have made and half of the time I forget to take them.

I'll report back with my results in a few months or so. I'm willing to give them  damn good try before I start spewing some rubbish about how it changed my life. I want to give a good and honest opinion on them.

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  1. These sound amazing for those wanting to lose weight and feel a little bit healthier! I am intrigued to see how you manage in the next couple of months and whether you have actually lost weight. I have tried something similar and really struggled - good luck! :) xx

    Yasmina | The July Journal


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