Monday, 13 June 2016

Stationery: Gel Pen Comparison

There's nothing I like more than a nice writing pen for my planner or journal. I will mostly use a black gel ink pen for writing down literally anything. I just personally think that black ink looks neater and somehow makes my handwriting look nicer?
With the release of the Papermate Inkjoy Gel Pens a few weeks ago, the Americans seemed to have gone crazy tracking them down everywhere, while us Brits either purchased ours through or are still patiently waiting for them to be stocked over here, I thought I would do a little comparison on my favourite black gel ink pens.
I'll be uploading a video to my youtube soon where I film myself writing so you can see how the pen ink flows, but I wanted it written down somewhere as well for those who don't follow me on youtube.

For month and months I've used the Pilot G2 in my Erin Condren and it became just my regular go to pen. Before this I was using a variety of other pens that were good at the time. After using my Pilot G2 for so long, and then going back to the others I realised how much better the G2 was. The ink just flows so much nicer than any of the other pens do. It's also really pigmented and doesn't bleed on the paper. And for a long time I was satisfied with my G2 - it did the job well. 

Along comes the release of the Papermate Inkjoy Gel Pens. I've used the Inkjoy pens in the past and I did like them. The writing was smooth and ink flowed nicely, so I knew that the gel pens would as well. As they weren't released over here I didn't go crazy and buy loads. In fact I didn't buy any at all. I was after a few weeks went by and people were still leaving about these pens that I knew there and then that I would have to try one. Everyone had packs of colours and I knew that I didn't need all of them as I don't write in anything other than black so I searched for just the black ones. I found them on, plus shipping to the UK it came to around £10 for 3 black pens, and even that would take 2 weeks to get to me. I didn't want to spend that much on product that I wouldn't have in my hands for another two weeks. Realistically £10 for 3 pens isn't so bad but knowing that they're cheaper in America kind of put me off. 
And so I took to the Facebook groups to see if someone would be willing to sell me just a black pen -and instead someone gifted me one they wouldn't use. So there's that disclaimer.

My oh my does the Papermate Inkyjoy Gel write smoothly. I thought my G2 was smooth but this one makes it look pathetic. The ink is so pigmented! I've tried to capture the different inks in the pictures above to their truest nature but lighting was really bad and I didn't want to over edit them otherwise whats the point in a comparison picture? 
The nibs on the Inkjoy Gel and the G2 are the same size, yet I think that the Inkjoy Gel lets out more ink, making the writing slightly thicker and darker. I guess this would also mean that it would run out quicker? 
I still love my Pilot G2, but if these Papermate Inkjoy Gel pens were easier to get ahold of over here then that would definitely take the top spot.

What pen do you like using? Have you used any of these pens before?



  1. Personally Callie I have always loved the basic scratchy qualities of a Bic Biro.

    Call me old fashioned but there's nothing quite like the sharp nib that almost tears through your paper.

    A pen that can do as much damage if used as a weapon as you average steak knife.

    A pen that has forever been my choice of writing implement and one that when it's lost i don't mourn as a i have a box of 20 sitting in my desk.

    Sad but true the common Bic is a winner for me every time :)

  2. I think it will be interesting for true lovers of pens or for those who write often in a notebook. I often write, it's often all kinds of articles my review here, but I do not practice writing such a method for a long time, I prefer to use my MacBook. Everyone chooses everything is not his own taste. In general, the comparative survey is good, deserves praise.


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