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Review: Storm In A Tea Cup Gifts

Storm In A Tea Cup Gifts

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As a parent, sometimes I feel like there should be a S.O.S box for parents - something that's filled with things to get you through the day. And that's exactly what this box is. It's a box filled to the brim with products that would help parents. There's some dry shampoo for when you don't have time in the morning to wash your hair before the school run, a hot drinks flask with your own emergency tea so you can still get that caffeine fix doing said school run, some chocolates and sweets for a 'much needed energy boost' to pick you up in the afternoon, some spare marbles for when you feel like you've lost yours, a plaster to 'keep it all together', a toy for instant child distraction (useful for the car or when doing the food shop), and a bottle of wine to end your day. 
I must admit that the bottle of wine has already gone, and the chocolate came in handy when I was doing the weekly shop the other day. 

Storm In A Teacup Gifts also make gift boxes for Wedding Day survival, Perk Me Up boxes, Seasonal Boxes and Birthday boxes. 
I think that these are a clever and unique gift idea for someone as the whole kit includes everything t hey would need. They're lovely boxes and would surely put a smile on someones face! I highly recommend checking them out if you're stuck for gift ideas or want to send someone a RAK (random act of kindness). 

I was kindly gifted this set, but all views and opinions remain my own. See my disclaimer for more information


  1. This is so good - i love the little added labels on everything, such a nice little touch!
    Natalie xx

  2. this is such a cute idea, i love things like this! definitely going to check out their other boxes :) my friend once bought me a 'cheer up kit' which had a similar idea to this, which had things such as a candle to 'brighten your day' etc.

    xo Sarah


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