Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Lifestyle: How To Add and Switch Between Multiple Instagram Accounts

how to add and switch between multiple instagram accounts

Instagram have finally listened to its users and done something we've all be waiting years for - to be able to easily switch between multiple accounts. This feature is being send out to users this week so if you haven't got this feature just yet, chances are you'll get it pretty soon.
This is just a quick run down of how to do just that:
On your account, click the little gear at the top right hand corner. I believe on android this is three little dots. 

It should bring up the options menu. Scroll down to the bottom and you should see an option for 'Add Account'. This is the fancy new feature that you've been waiting for.

Sign in to your second account and ta da! In this instance I've signed into my shop account.

To then switch between accounts just click on your account name at the top and it will bring up a list of the accounts added. You can add up to 5 accounts. 

Finally you're able to easily switch between different accounts. I know that this feature will make my life easier as I now don't have to log in and out of accounts, they're always there. 

Notifications may get a little confusing when they're popping up on your home screen of your phone, but instagram have added a little feature to that as well. When a like comes up it will simply say [callierose92]: NAME has likes your photo. Handy huh?

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  1. THIS HAS CHANGED MY LIFE. Although I'm laughing because I changed my personal Insta's name to my blog one so I could use it for blog stuff, so had to get rid of my personal username. Now, I can have my personal one back and have BOTH accounts! Thank you so much for pointing this out!

    Meg | A Little Twist Of…

  2. Ahhh this is so handy ! So glad they have finally done it !
    Alex ox


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