Thursday, 11 February 2016

Lifestyle: The Best iPhone Apps For Your Etsy Business

the best iPhone apps for your etsy business

As some of you may know I run my own stationery Etsy store (here), and I find my iPhone to be very useful in keeping up with orders, promoting and research. My store isn't the biggest stationery store on Etsy, but I do make the same amount of money each month that I did when I worked weekends in Primark so I'm fairly happy with it.
These are the apps that help me to run my business:

Sell on Etsy: This app is only available to Etsy store owners. When you sign up to Etsy as a store owner you get an email with instructions on downloading this. I don't believe it can be found on the app store. This is the app I use the most as you can do everything on it that you would be able to do on a desktop - list new products, process orders, reply to messages, shop settings, view stats etc.

Craft Manager: I've only just discovered this app but it's already changed my life (okay maybe not as dramatic as that, but it's still pretty good). With this app you can process orders as well as see more accurate stats such as revenue and profit. On the Etsy site the revenue showed is the total of all sales and postage, it doesn't however take into account how much materials cost and how much postage was charged versus actual postage. This app takes into consideration all of that including etsy fees, paypal fees and credit card fees to show you a more accurate view of your profits.

Pages: this is a Facebook app that allows you to control your shops Facebook page. You can schedule posts, reply to messages and nothing else that you usually do on a desktop. It's great for when you're on the go.

Social Media: apps such as Twitter and Instagram are great for promoting your business. Personally I prefer Instagram for this but Periscope and Snapchat are becoming popular tools to promote products too.

Are there any other apps that you use? Have you used any of these apps for your business?


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