Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Beauty: Current Favourite Nails #2

beauty current favourite nails barry m

beauty current favourite nails barry m

My current favourite nail colours at the moment are all Barry M. This doesn't surprise me though as I absolutely love the Barry M nail varnish range. They are the best high street brand for nail colours and the quality of the varnish itself betters some brands which are triple their price.
My current favourites are Matte Caramel, Gelly Lychee, Quick Dry Dark Grey. I love love love nude nails. I don't think I'll ever get bored of them even though they are so basic. I just find them elegant and classy, yet also like you haven't put in a load of effort so you can get away with having nude nails whilst wearing your pyjamas and watching Netflix. I wear a lot of black clothes and I love pairing up my nude nails with a full black outfit. I don't know, something about it just makes me feel like I have my shit together.
For when I'm a bit more daring I like to go a little darker, and at the moment I've been loving this Dark Grey shade. It's so dark that it is almost black in colour which suits me just fine, however I am looking for a light grey colour too so if you know of a shade then let me know.

What nail colours have you been loving lately? 



  1. I'm such a fan of Barry M nail polishes - a majority of my nail polishes are from there because I can't fault the formula for the most part! I love the look of Matte Caramel :) my favourite from their range has to be the grey called Chai from the Gelly line!

    Katie || KNEL xx

  2. barry m is definitely my go to nail polishes! as im so impatient, im loving the quick dry range atm and my favourite colour is eat my dust. however, if i had to go on lasting power, id say the gelly hi-shine is the best range. im yet to try the matte range but i have got it in mind, as well as the sunshine curing one i think its called? great post :)

    xo Sarah

  3. I've been looking for a nice nude nail polish so i might have to give some of these a try.
    Natalie xx


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