Monday, 4 January 2016

Beauty: Boxing Day Boots Soap & Glory Haul

Soap & Glory Gift Sets

LE Soap & Glory Rodnik

Soap & Glory Sale

Soap & Glory haul

Yesterday I posted about what I bought in the Lush Boxing Day sale, and today I thought I'd talk about my Soap & Glory one. I picked up a lot from Boots, but they were boring stuff, and bits for William, but I did manage to get my hands on two gift sets, including the limited edition Rodnik set. 

The first set I picked up is called 'In The Bag' and features mini products - perfect for trying out the products before you buy the full size, or for travelling. It comes with 'Glad Hair Day', 'Hand Food', 'Scrub of Your Life', 'Heel Genius', 'Clean on Me', 'Righteous Butter', a pink scrub, all packaged nicely into a good sized toiletry bag. 

The next set I picked up was the LE Rodnik set which was Soap and Glory's 'big' set. Every year right before Christmas S&G release an exclusive LE set full and sadly I was too slow to pick one up this year. When I spotted this in Boots I picked it up straight away and guarded it with my life. I couldn't believe my luck that I hadn't already been taken as I only went into Boots in the afternoon of Boxing Day. To be honest I was only in Liverpool on Boxing Day to pop into Lush so I'm glad I took the time to browse Boots too. This Rodnik set came with full sizes of 'Heel Genius', 'Hand Food', 'Scrub of Your Life', 'Righteous Butter Tinted', 'Righteous Butter normal', 'Clean on Me', 'Peaches and Clean', 'Thick and Fast mascara', and a sample size of 'Sexy Mother Pucker'.

I'm so glad that I have more Hand Food in my life as it's my absolute favourite hand lotion. The smaller size is great to have in my handbag for when I'm on the go, and the larger size will be used at home. I'm also happy to have 'Peaches and Clean' as I've never had the opportunity to try it before so it will be interesting to see how nice it is. 

Did you manage to pick up any beauty products in the sales?



  1. I love Soap&Glory and how good is it you got two sets! Miniatures are always fab I think to make up sets (Try before you buy! Haha!) Xx

  2. I love Soap&Glory, I always make sure I get a set at Christmas!

    Claudia xxx

  3. So many amazing products! I do love the heel genius, its my go to product in summer x
    Emma | Emmys Beauty Cave

  4. I haven't picked up Soap and Glory products in forever. It took all my willpower to not pick both of these boxes up from local one still has some left, urgh so tempting!?
    What a great collection you've got to keep you going now though!

    Sarah xo // See The Star


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