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Lifestyle: Top 5 Christmas Films

top christmas films

For someone who's not particularly a fan of the lead up to Christmas, I do enjoy Christmas films, or rather film that everyone watched at Christmas time.

My favourite film to watch is Love Actually. Anything with Hugh Grant in is perfect for me, add in the fact that this film also includes Alan Rickman and it becomes my number one film to watch at Christmas time. Can you believe that this film came out in 2003? I've watched this film every Christmas time since it came out I think, and this year won't be any different. For some reason its also the first film I watch and sort of marks the start of the festive period for me.

The Grinch is also another Christmas film that never fails to get watched for us. It's one of Williams favourite Christmas films although it doesn't do much for me. I'm not a fan of musical films or anything that has music in like this does, but the story is great and family friendly.

Arthur Christmas is a new one for us as it's a relatively new film in comparison to the others. It's such a great family film though that we had to add it to our watch list. It has a modern twist to how Santa delivers presents around the world, yet allows children to understand the importance of family values and doing the right thing. IT's a great watch if you have children (or even if you don't!)

Being a huge Harry Potter fan I can't help but watch one in the festive season. My favourite HP film for this is Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone as it shows Harry's first Christmas in Hogwarts as well as being (probably) the most family friendly HP film.

And finally you can't beat a classic like Scrooge/A Christmas Carol. Although William has only seen the Muppets version, I think this year I'll show him the original.

What are you favourite Christmas films?



  1. I love love love Christmas movies! This list made me smile. Love, Actually is SUCH a great film.

  2. Im not the biggest fan of christmas either but i love christmas movies. My favourites are The Holiday and Jingle All the Way - i've watched it every year for as long as i can remember so it doesn't feel like christmas if i dont!
    Natalie xx

  3. I love watching the Grinch and Harry Potter too! I also have to watch Home Alone 2, since Christmas in New York looks stunning, and The Santa Claus =)
    Love your blog!, Steph x.

  4. Elf is my number one Christmas film - I know it's abit cliche but I love it!
    Becky xx // Geek Gets Glam


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