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Lifestyle: Looking Back At My Resolutions

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At the start of the year I wrote a post outlining my resolutions for the year and I thought it would be a good idea to look back and see just how much I managed to complete.

Complete Dry January - I failed this one as I have a few friends as well as myself who celebrate birthdays in the month of January. It was also my anniversary with Mike too. I might try this one again this January though.

Save money - Again I failed this one. I am the worst at putting money aside, however I also said that I wanted to save money so that I could go away this year as well as move house and I managed to do both those things, so I kinda won.

Travel more - well I achieved this one by going on holiday with the girls.

Get out of current job and into happier one - I managed this one, kind of. I used to have a horrible retail job for one of the biggest clothes retailers and it was an absolute nightmare. I left it for another job, which I then left and stayed at home for a while.

Make better choices - I feel like I have made some better choices this year. I still left coursework to the very last minute and revised for an exam literally right outside the exam room, but apart from university related things I feel like I've been better. Maybe not as best as I could have been but definitely better than last year.

Spend time on me - Now this is one that I know I've managed to do. I've stopped doing things for the benefit of other people and decided to do things to benefit myself. I think that it's healthy to do things for yourself rather than for other people all the time. I took the time to get to know myself and what I really want in life, and now that I have done I feel like I can see clearly and that I have a sort of goal to work towards.

Take more pictures - I'm kind of up and down about this one. While I do think that I've taken a lot of pictures, I haven't gotten any printed out which I think was the point to the resolution in the first place. I used to love looking through albums of pictures and I think that it's sort of sad that the era of photo albums like that is fading.

See my family more - I'm VERY annoyed with myself for not keeping this one up. Everyone in my family are growing up and moving on with heir own lives that I'd really hard to spend time together. I still see my sister a lot, and I don't think that will change unless we move to separate countries, but I hardly ever see my mum or my brothers which is really sad.

Eat healthier - those 4lbs that I moaned about putting on in my New Year Resolutions post has not shifted, and more weight has been put on. I can never seem to eat very healthily as my craving for anything sweet kicks any thought of eating healthy to the curb. Also, healthy food just doesn't taste as nice or as filling as a nice chocolate doughnut does.

Plan ahead - this one is one that I feel I have managed to achieve. This year I bought two new organisers to go along side the three that I already had so I like to think that I definitely have my life together, or at least I seem to. Apart from planning presents for this past Christmas, I've been pretty well organised.

Did you manage to stick to any resolutions?

P.S. - Happy New Year!



  1. You did really well with your resolutions, I didn't make any last year and I don't think I will again this year but I plan on working harder this year so I suppose that's a resolution of sorts :)

    Rosy | Sparkles of Light Blog

  2. Spending time on yourself is so important! I like the idea of reviewing the resolutions you've made! Might have to try that myself this year :)
    Becky; xxx

  3. Great post :-)


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