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Lifestyle: How To Survive The Boxing Day Sales

How to survive the boxing day sales
I know that Christmas hasn't even happened yet but I love the Boxing Day sales. I'm one of those crazy people who are stood outside Next at 4am in the freezing cold or rain. I love the rush of adrenaline and just the general craziness around it. Most of the time I will come home with crap, but I have found loads of bargains before, and even things that I didn't think I'd end up using I've gone on to absolutely love. I bought some tea light holders a few years ago and still use them to this day. Last year I bought William a new winter coat from Next, I think it was suppose to be £60 (or around that price) and I got it for less than £10 - and it's a coat that he uses now, and could use for another year or so as well. I love shopping for Williams clothes in the BD sale as I always find great bargains like that. Not so much when I'm shopping for myself but then I suppose more people will be buying adult clothes than childrens clothes. 
Anyway I thought I'd put together a little survive guide in case you're brave enough to face the Boxing Day sales:

1. Make a list of the places that you know will have good deal on and the things that you've had your eye on from those shops. This way you can prevent yourself from over spending and coming home with rubbish. 

2. Stick to a budget - and actually stick to it! If you're going into a store only take an allocated amount of money with you and leave that card at home. 

3. Wear decent shoes. No one cares if you look good, everyones a hot mess running around like crazy people so leave those heels at home and stick some trainers on.

4. Remember that just because its Boxing Day, doesn't mean all the best deals are happening. So many more deals turn up in the January Sales so don't fret if what you want is still full price.

5. If you can't face the actual store, shop online. Just be cautious of how much you're spending and don't order anything while you're hungover or you may regret it when the post man delivers a random package. 

Do you shop in the Boxing Day sales? Do you have any tips for others? 



  1. I don't do Boxing Day sales, but my aunt is like you - she's outside of Next in the early hours EVERY Boxing Day!

    Meg | A Little Twist Of…

  2. I love that you are thinking ahead. I’m not brave enough to face Boxing Day sales but think your tips are useful for all of the sales around this time of year. I find New Look have some nice discounts, I always end up going in there. I might do a little online browsing but like you I will keep to a budget. Cool post! :-) xx

    Helen | Helens Fashion & Beauty Blog


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