Monday, 21 December 2015

Lifestyle: Christmas Traditions

When we were younger Santa used to leave presents under the tree and in our stockings, then he'd put the stocking on the end of our bed for when we woke in the morning. Come 6am on Christmas morning myself, my sister and my two brothers would all meet in one bedroom and open our stockings together devouring chocolate and the orange that we'd always get. Once Dad was awake we could all go downstairs where we'd all sit in our 'spot' and wait for the arrival of Mum who always worked nights on Christmas Eve as she is a nurse. Mum would get home at about 8am when it was finally time for us to open our presents from under the tree.
After this we'd get ready and head to church then on to my grandparents house where we'd meet our cousins and aunties and uncles.  We do the usual present opening and then tucking into dinner and all the chocolate ever, before playing a family game then heading home.
Since I moved out about 5 years ago things are a little different. William now does what I do in the morning with his stocking and then waits for Mike and I to wake up. We all head down stairs together and open our presents, then Mike goes off to his Mums while William and I head to my grandparents, where Mike then joins us in the evening after he's spent time with his family. There's no present opening t my grandparents anymore as I'm too old, and William only gets one or two as money is put into his trust fund instead.
I always try to visit my Dads grave around Christmas too but usually go on Christmas Eve with Mike.

I do miss the old traditions that we had when we were younger, but I'm glad that those traditions are now Williams.

What traditions have you kept? 


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