Monday, 14 December 2015

Fashion: Christmas Jumpers

Christmas Jumpers

With Christmas Jumper day coming up I thought it was only fitting that I did a post on my favourite Christmas jumpers out there.

The dark blue bauble one at the front there is from House of Fraser. I love the simplicity of it as so many other xmas jumpers are thick knitted and over the top (but whats wrong with that?). This jumper is for those who like to tone it down a bit but still being in the festive mood.

The one behind it is from New Look. Despite this being a very 'busy' jumper I actually really like it as it incorporates a lot of different festive items on it such as Christmas puds, trees and penguins.

The red one is from Fat Face. My sister actually has this one and it's really comfy with a good fit on it. It's not too tight that you won't be able to eat your weight in food, but it's also not too loose.

The grey one at the back is a sweatshirt rather than a jumper but I still thought it was fitting for the Christmas period. It has little gingerbread people on the front in the shape of Star Wars characters which I thought was quite fitting for the release of the new film. I believe it's out this week? You can pick this up from Not On The High Street.

The blue one is from H&M which is similar to the HOF one only cheaper. The design and feel are slightly different but it's still a simple design compared to the others.

As a Harry Potter fan I couldn't help but add in this jumper from Boohoo. It's available in black or red, personally I prefer the black one but thats just me. Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Muggle!

And finally the last one is from ASOS. There's actually a matching skirt to go with it but I'd just wear jeans or something with it. I'm not one for wearing knit skirts.

Do you take part in Christmas Jumper Day or wear a novelty jumper at Christmas? 


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