Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Beauty: Metallic Nails

Beauty Metallic Nails

Essie, Urban Outfitters, Orly, Chanel

On Friday I spoke about easy Christmas nail art, but today I wanted to speak about a similar topic, but in a much more 'party' way. I usually get the glitter wear out around Christmas time as I feel that its the only time I can wear such bold clothes. To go along side your festive outfits, glitter or metallic nail polish is a must. It's more 'grown up' compared to nail art, and although some glitter polishes can be a pain to remove, I think that they look great this time of year.

My top picks for glitter and metallic polishes are Essie As Gold As It Gets, W.I.P Holographic, Orly Rose Chrome Foil, and Chanel Cosmic.

Essie As Gold As It Gets looks great over another polish to add a festive vibe to any colour. I like pairing this with black or a dark red.
W.I.P Holographic is a nail polish from Urban Outfitters. I'd never seen anything like this before which is why I purchased it despite the high price tag. It's quite mesmerising to watch on your nails.
Orly Rose Chrome Foil is a polish that I got as a magazine freebie. I'm glad I got this as I don't have anything else thats rose gold, and with rose gold being 'in trend' right now its great for those Christmas office parties.
And finally Chanel Cosmic which is black in colour with the tiniest flecks of silver glitter. I actually like wearing this for date night and feel that it would be better suited for formal parties, but that's just me.

What are your favourite colours to wear this holiday season?



  1. I am sucker for metallic anything, especially nails!
    Trudy x | TrudyJohanna

  2. I love all of these shades! They're perfect for this time of the year :)

    Creepers & Cupcakes


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