Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Beauty: Christmas Make Up Look

Christmas Make Up Look

Make up tutorial

At Christmas I don't like to go overboard with my make up (and sometimes because I can't with time etc) and so I thought I'd show you guys the sort of look that I'll be wearing in a few days time.

Having a child at christmas time is tiring to say the least. William will be up at the crack of dawn wanting to open his presents so I'm usually zombie faced in the first few christmas pictures. But then once all the presents are opened we get ready to head to my grandparents. We usually like to get there at lunch time but need to leave at around 10am so the time in the morning is very limited to getting ready. I usually only have about 10 minutes to get myself ready before heading off (it's hard getting a 5 year old ready as all he wants to do is play with his new things).

On top of my usual make up routine I'll add some eyeshadow from my Full Exposure palette. This is probably my most used eye palette this year as all the colours are really wearable for day to day wear as well as evening wear too. I'll be attempting to do my eyeliner on the day but we'll see how that goes as it usually takes me forever to get it looking right. My lips will have this gorgeous nude-y pink on as I don't like going all out on my lips for the big day as most of it comes off with all my eating/drinking etc. so I stick to something a bit more natural looking.

What sort of make up do you usually wear at Christmas?


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  1. That's such a pretty palette, I think it could create such nice eye looks. I usually go for a gold eyeshadow.

    Perfect Shade of Mauve


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