Saturday, 14 November 2015

Tutorial: HTML Codes For Every Blogger Part 1

HTML Codes For Every Blogger

I've bought my past 3 blog designs from pipdig (who are bloomin' fantastic by the way) but I'm a girl who likes to slightly change a few things up. Sometimes it's just adding in links, or altering the sidebar but I find that it's good to know a few HTML tricks yourself for times like this.
HTML can be a little daunting if you've never really done much with it before, but fear not, a few simple codes can completely change your view on things.

Lets start with the basic: fonts.
Now, when you're writing up a blog post you can just click the little B I or U at the top of the Compose section, but if you had to write it in the HTML section or when you want to change the sidebar, you might need these codes:

<b> will make it bold. Make sure you close the sentence with </b>
<i> will make it italic. Make sure you close the sentence with </i>
<u> will make it underline. Make sure you close the sentence with </u>

Another nifty bit of HTML for fonts is centring it. Now this isn't just for text, but with pictures or links too:

<centre> will make your text centre. make sure you close it with </centre>

You can also change the colour of your font:

<font color="#FFFFFF"> will change the colour of your text. Make sure you close the sentence with </font>

change the FFFFFF to a different colour code.

To add a line break (which is the same as hitting the return button) this is good for side bars to break things up a little bit:


To add a new paragraph:

<p> pop your text here. Make sure you close with </p>

And finally to add a tab simply put:


I hope you've found this little tutorial useful. I thought I'd start with the basics for part 1, and slowly build up to trickier things.

Let me know if there's other HTML codes you'd like to see.


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