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Beauty: Current Face #8

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So the last 'Current Face' post I did was in September but I've found that I've changed what I use on a daily basis a lot. I still haven't been wearing any liquid foundation as, to be honest, I haven't been bothered to go to the store and get colour matched. I've been quiet content just using concealer to cover what I need.

Boiing is the BEST concealer I think I've ever used. It covers everything and lasts all day long. I don't think I'll ever not repurchase this. Another product that I constantly use is Sleek Contour Kit. I still don't feel like I've mastered the art of contouring at all but this little kit does make some improvement to my face. As well as contouring I've actually started highlighting too which is something that I only did for evenings or date nights. A product that has really helped is Benefit Watts Up which comes in a stick like formula making application very easy.

On my brows I'm using HD Brow palette which I don't think I'll ever not use. I've used this every day for god knows how long. Nothing else compares to this in my eyes. Don't get me wrong, I do like Soap and Glory Archery, or Gimme Brow by Benefit but I feel that they are more add ons to this palette rather than product I can wear on their own. My opinion on brows has definitely changed over this past year as I would have been happy to wear Gimme Brow on it's own.

On my lips I've been going for a more nude look as I don't really go anywhere these days and I fear that if I worn MAC Cyber I'd scare some children when I'm doing the school run. A combination I've been wearing is one I've spoke about here. It's a combination of Velvet Teddy and Boldly Bare.

The powder you see is MAC Studio Fix which just helps to set the whole face. I then finish off with a mascara that I've discovered thanks to a visit I took to my mums when I saw her using it. It's Bourjois Liner Effect mascara which is meant to make it look like you're wearing eyeliner too. The idea of it is to make the roots of your eyelashes really dark giving the impression that there's actual eyeliner on your eyes. I think it works in a subtle way and is great for when you don't have time for a full eye make up look.

What products have you been using recently?


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