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Do you ever smell something and it takes you straight back to a memory? That's what Scentiment Candles do:

Scentiment Candle Company is a new, handmade candle company in Manchester specialising in making candles that take you straight back to a memory.
The candles come in these huge 290g tins (I'm not even exaggerating here but I burnt this candle for about 6 hours and it hardly made a dent), they're handcrafted and hand finished in Manchester, and they're really highly fragranced that you get the lovely smell as your candle is burning - it will literally fill up your whole house. They work with an industry leading perfumer to get all the fragrances right which is highly evident when burning the candles.

This one is the Rose Garden one, and it reminds me of my mums vanity table back in the early nineties. For some reason I think about Cath Kidston when I smell this too.
Its made up of a "lush green tea rose fragrance lifted by hints of geranium dewy stems and regal iris" with a burn time of up to 80 hours. Eighty! It's highly competitive to other candle companies in my opinion.

Other fragrances include 'Bedsheets Bliss', 'Wild Fig and Cassis', and 'Lime and Vanilla Spritzer'.

At only £10 for a candle that can burn up to 80 hours, compared to a medium Yankee Candle which can burn 65 hours at almost £12, I would say that Scentiment Candles are worth purchasing.
I have a few family members who will be receiving these candles at Christmas (and maybe a few more for myself).

What do you think about smells reminding you of memories? What smell would trigger your favourite memory?

*this product was gifted to me, but all my opinions are my own. I really do love these candles! To see my full disclaimer, click here.


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