Sunday, 2 August 2015

Fashion: Williams OOTD #4

Boys clothes at Primark:

When it comes to William's clothes I tend to stick to cheaper brands. I do occasionally splash out on shoes or when he's got an event, but most of his wardrobe is made up of Primark or Next clothes. In my eyes, there's no point buying loads of high end designer things for children as they grow up so fast as will only get a few wears out of them.

The first place I will go for Williams clothes is Primark as they're affordable, and relatively well made. They always have the latest designs including characters and movie crazes so the kids will always have something new and up to date.

William has been loving TMNT and Minions at the moment, and with Primark boasting racks full of both I picked him some stuff up.
The leather jacket I actually picked up last year, and he's still wearing it now. It's lasted really well! The jacket underneath is by Rebel at Primark, who are the main brand for boys clothes. He's wearing chinos here which he has in practically every colour as the waist is adjustable so he can get a good year or so out of them.
William's favourite part of this outfit are his trainers, which cam in at less than £10 if I remember correctly. He says they make him run 'super fast' and he can run as fast as The Flash can. 

It's been nice spending time with William lately without work or school getting in the way. I'm really going to miss days out like this when he goes back into school. He's going into year 1!

Have you been up to much lately? Where do you buy children's clothes from?


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