Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Lifestyle: Why I'm Okay With My 2:2 University Degree

I'm graduating university with a 2:2 grade, and I'm okay with that:
When I was younger I always told myself that I was never going to university. I said that it was stupid to get into so much debt when the prospects of getting a higher paid job were so slim compared to those who had the three years of extra work experience.
I dropped out of my first college because I was a troubled teenager who thought I knew everything. But then I had William and decided to get my life back together. I went back to college and got really good mark, so good in fact that I was offered a scholarship in university.
But my heart still wasn't into going to university. I saw the amount of money that I could get from going to university (which was a LOT) which really persuaded me to go, but the decision to actually enrol was because of my Dad. I wanted to make him proud of me.
And so I went to university and did a Business Management course. Something basic and generic that I'd be able to get any decent job in. As I still wasn't 100% feeling university I thought this was the best path to go down.
I didn't really try in university. I did the bare minimum to get me onto the next year, I did all nighters the night before assignments were due, and I studied for exams while I was waiting outside the room to go in. 
I did so badly in my last year that I didn't think I was going to graduate at all which really sucked as I didn't want to let my Dad down, but thankfully I am graduating (next week!) with a 2:2 grade.
Okay so for those who never went to university and don't know how the grades work, a 1st is the highest mark you can get, then its a 2:1, a 2:2, a 3rd, then fail. Imagine it as A, B, C and D grades.
I'm quite lucky to have even got a 2:2 grade to be honest, but it's a grade that I'm happy with.
I juggled university, a business, and parent life, as well as this blog so in my eyes it's a damn good grade. 
And yet there are judgmental people out there who think that a 2:2 grade is laughable and something that I should be ashamed of. Well fuck you, I'm happy with it.

Doing a business degree for the past 3 years has also opened up my eyes to a world which seemed so complicated before. I now don't want to continue down this career path and I'm actually going back to college to do nursing. 

So here's to the future, whatever it may bring. And congratulations to everyone else who's graduating this summer. No matter what you got, be proud of yourself.



  1. Congratulations on your 2:2 degree, you should be proud to have a degree :) xo

    EmsAlice // Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  2. Such a positive post! Congratulations on your 2:2 and I wish all the best with your nursing course.
    Leah xx

  3. Congratulations! I bet you are so over the moon! Good on you for having another change into nursing! Onwards is a brand new chapter in your life!
    H xxx

  4. Congratulations! I think graduating university is a huge feat, regardless of your mark - it isn't easy. Be proud of what you've achieved, especially juggling so many other things as well. x



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