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Guest Post > Beauty: Lush Hair Custard

Have you ever picked up a beauty product based on smell alone? That is exactly what happened when I bought Hair Custard from Lush Cosmetics. It’s a rather unusual product and at the moment is exclusive to Lush’s Oxford Street store

Hair Custard is described as a ‘hair dressing’ which most people will have no idea what that possibly means, including me, and it wasn’t until I started using the product I understood what it’s for. Now I really can’t be without it!

The main purpose of the Hair Custard is to add moisture without adding weight. It’s kind of like a mousse texture but a bit more sticky which makes it a very versatile product for using on all hair types. I’ve found it works really well if you use straighteners or curling tongs because it’s a little heat resistant. After using Hair Custard my hair is left moisturised after I’ve applied heat to it, which isn’t usually the case! It’s the ideal product for my thick and curly hair because it makes it easier to manage and tame into some kind of shape after heat styling. I think I’m going to try it as an overnight hair mask too because it is so moisturising.

It’s a bit tricky to get used to using as it has a lot of texture for such a light weight product. A small amount goes a very long way – if you put too much in your hair it feels sticky and weird. I’ve found a tiny bit in my hair gives it volume after being blow dried and I rub a bit extra in the very ends of my hair and they look much shinier now. Also my pot has separated a bit and it did leak everywhere but I just stirred it and it’s gone back to its original consistency.

The ingredients alone in this product are amazing. One of the main ingredients is egg white. Egg is packed with protein which helps restore damaged hair follicles. Plus Lush use all free range eggs so they are from happy hens! It also contains honey and Argan oil which are both known for their extreme moisturising properties. It smells like vanilla custard – it’s heavenly!

The major downside to Hair Custard is it’s only available in the Oxford street store. I honestly cannot see myself getting through the giant pot I picked up but I know I’ll want more when if I do finish it! If you head over to the famous Lush Oxford street, I cannot recommend you picking up a pot of Hair Custard to try out (and, at the very least, give it a whiff so you can enjoy the vanillary heaven)!

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  1. This product sounds wonderful! Though it is always a downer when something you love isn't available all over the place.

  2. This sounds really cool, but I definitely will not get a chance to try it if it's only at the Oxford St Store!
    Tegan xx - Permanent Procrastination

  3. Oh my gosh, I wish I'd read this before I'd gone! It sounds perfect for me
    Megan x
    London Callings

  4. My mouth is watering even thinking about it. It's sounds amazing!


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