Sunday, 14 June 2015

Beauty: Summer Nails

A look at the nail varnishes I'll be wearing this summer:

Usually I'd wear bright colours or pastel colours in summer, but I'm kind of over them right now. I was looking through my stash to see what I should throw out and came across a few that I realise I haven't looked at or worn in a while. 

Bikini So Teeny is the gorgeous blue shade you see. It's by Essie, who are very quickly becoming my favourite brand for nail varnishes. I love wearing a darker blue in winter, so it was only right that I found a lighter blue to take me into the warmer months. I actually worn this shade on a trip to Spain recently - it looks great with a tan!
The other Essie shades are As Gold As It Gets (which is the glitter gold one) and Off The Shoulder (the pink one).

The beautiful holographic shade you see is by a brand called W.I.P from Urban Outfitters. I first saw this on another blogger and was mesmerised by the way the colours change. It's a bit pricey at £12, but theres always offers on the nail varnishes, and the pot is huge so you'll get loads of applications out of it.

The white colour is a matte one by Topshop called Milk and Honey. It does take a few coats to get it even but once you have it drys in a nice way leaving no streaky missed out matte bits or anything. I always think that white nails look great in summer with a tan as it makes them stand out a bit more.

And finally, the Nars one is called Trouville. I like wearing this in work as its a sort of nude but is really pink sort of colour. I really like the quality of this nail varnish and would definitely pick up more Nars ones. If you've tried any other shades then let me know!

What are your favourite summer nail colours?


  1. I love the cornflower blue! Without a doubt my favourite shade to wear on my nails at the moment.


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