Saturday, 23 May 2015

Lifestyle: Job Interview Tips

It's come to that time of the year when graduates are going for interviews, and school leavers are looking for their first job. I've rustled up some job interview tips to help:

1. Dress smart - you only get one first impression and quite frankly someone will judge you the moment you walk through the door just from what you're wearing. It's the horrible truth that we're judged from appearances rather than personality, but that's just how it is. No matter what type of job it is that you're going for, dress in a professional manner. Band t-shirts and jeans versus someone in a suit (I'm not saying you need to buy a suit)? You do the maths. Think: if you were an employer which one would you choose?

2. Be confident - even if you have to fake it. Speak clearly and keep eye contact with the interviewer to show you're awareness. Listen to the conversation and respond at the appropriate times. Maybe make a small joke to ease the tension if you feel like you need to. Remember that your body language says a lot too so if you're hunched away and have your arms folded that you'll be less approachable. Shake their hand at the start and end of the interview. 

3. Take a copy of your CV - even if they already have a copy. It shows that you're organised and mean business. 

4. Turn up on time - there's nothing worse than when you want to employ someone who's good with time keeping, for them not to turn up on time. It's better to be early than late. Plan your journey in advance so you know when you'll arrive. If you're taking public transport, get the earlier bus or train. Take into consideration the time of day and whether it will be busy on the roads. 

5. Do your research - I find that it's better to have done some background research on the company you're having the interview with. This way you can ask questions about the company, and they'll see you as having a real interest. Either way it can't hurt your chances to know what/who you might be working for. 

6. Show what you know - when answering questions, relate them back to what you know the company is looking for. For example if the job is media based you could answer questions linking your blog with social media and how it's worked together, then linking it in to what their company do. 

7. Ask them questions - I always ask my interviewer questions, even if it's just one question. It shows that you are interested and if you ask something that they haven't mentioned that it shows that you are alert and paying attention. I usually ask about uniform or holiday pay, but other questions could also be aimed more at the interviewer rather than the company, such as why they decided to get into that position. I only ask these when I feel completely comfortable though.

Good luck if you are going for an interview. Remember: you've done well enough for them to consider you for an interview so they must be interested in you. Try not to worry about it too much!

What are your top tips for job interviews?


  1. No 2 is the most important for me. Thank for sharing


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