Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Lifestyle: iPhone Battery Tips and Tricks Part 2

More tips and tricks to make your iPhone battery last longer:
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6. Check your battery usage - in order to see what's draining your battery the most, you can check your usage by going to settings > general > usage > battery usage. here it will tell you what app is causing the most drainage to your battery. For me personally it's usually twitter. To help this it's best to log out of the app or only use it when you're close to a charger. In this section you can also see a 'Standby' time - this is the time remaining on your battery (at moderate use) before it needs charging again.

7. Lower the brightness of your screen - it was found in testing that a screen on full brightness lasted around 6 hours before it needed charging again. By reducing the screens brightness to half, the battery lasted almost 10 hours. That's a huge difference! I keep my brightness at around 25% and keep auto brightness off. To do this go to settings > display and brightness.

8. Turn off Airdrop and Bluetooth - who uses them anyway? To do this either slide up your screen to open up the control panel, or go to settings > bluetooth.

9. Lock your screen - your phone uses a lot of battery lighting up the screen so change your auto lock to one minute. This way, if you leave your phone on the side without manually locking it, the phone will turn the screen off itself and save you battery. To do this go to settings > general > auto-lock. This will improve your battery life over time.

10. Manually pull emails - if you're getting emails straight to your phone automatically, then it means that the servers are constantly checking for new mail and will drain your battery, especially if you have multiple accounts. To save battery, switch off your emails or set it to manual. Manual is where you physically check for emails yourself rather than the phone automatically doing it.
I use the gmail app, but for the standard mail app go to settings > mail, contacts, calendars > fetch new data > slide push to off.

If you missed part 1 click here.

I hope these tips and tricks have been helpful! They certainly help with my battery life. If all else fails carry a portable battery with you so you can charge on the go.


  1. I always leave my bluetooth on and forget to turn it off, need to remember to turn it off so my battery can last just a little bit longer. Great tips!


  2. Some great little tips. The email thing is such a huge battery saver. That used to KILL me x

  3. This is such a perfect post, my battery is constantly in need of a little extra juice, i'll definitely be testing out a few of these tips! Thanks for sending your link over in the twitter chat!

    Heather, porcelainbeautyx


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