Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Lifestyle: iPhone Battery Tips and Tricks Part 1

Tips and tricks to make your iPhone battery last longer:
1. WiFi is better than cellular signal - when your phone is only using cellular signal, it is constantly searching for a signal which can drastically reduce your battery when you're in bad signal areas. Try to keep WiFi switched on instead when you're near somewhere you can connect to as the signal for WiFi will be stronger and therefore your phone won't have to continuously search for signal.

2. Turn off your app notifications / app refresh - sometimes apps will notify you of pointless news which drains your battery as they are constantly refreshing in the background. Apps such as games are usually the culprits as they send you notifications when you don't really need them. To solve this go to settings > notification > and turn off any apps that you don't want notifications from.
Similarly, turn off Background App Refresh (apps are always refreshing their content, even if you're not on them. Turn this off to save battery) go to settings > general > background app refresh.

3. Turn off parallax effect - you may notice that your home screen apps 'move' over your wallpaper, sort of like a 3D effect. I hate this and have had it turned off since I got my phone. Go to settings > general > accessibility > reduce motion.

4. Turn greyscale on - if your phone is in it's last 20% and you don't have a charger nearby, a good way to save a little bit of battery is to turn greyscale on. This makes everything turn grey. While it doesn't do a lot to the battery, it may save you that 1% that you need before getting to a charger. Go to settings > general > accessibility > greyscale.

5. Turn off location services - most of the time it's not necessary for you to have location services on, unless you're using maps. If an app is using your location, then it is using more battery trying to find out where you are. To check the apps that are using location services, and to turn them off go to settings > privacy > location services.

Let me know what tips and tricks you use to help with battery life, and look out for part 2!



  1. Great tips! I hate my iphone battery life but i have found getting rid of apps running in the background help x
    Emma | Emmys Blog

  2. This post was so helpful - thank you! My iPhone is always running out of battery! Looking forward to part 2 x

    emily x ❤ | emilyloula

  3. Never even knew number 3 was a thing! x

  4. Love your new blog design Callie, haven't realised you changed it and also some really helpful tips for saving battery! Mine runs out all the time so I will bare these in mind :) xx


  5. I went from an 4 to a 5s and most of these I had already off on my phone. Also when I got my new phone it was the first thing I did, when I got it in my hands was to turn off app fresh. The grey scale one is new to me that was a great tip specially when I'm out and about. This was a great post !!! Thanks for sharing such a goodie!



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