Thursday, 14 May 2015

Food: Prawn and Spiralized Vegetables

Following on from the Mindful Eating post (here) I created a prawn dish:

I recently posted about mindful eating and looking at what goes into our food (see here) and decided to create a dish where I knew what was in it.

I was kindly gifted a spiralizer from Joes Bloggers and put it to the test to turn my vegetables into spirals.
I looked at recipes and decided to use them as inspiration for this meal. I don't know exactly how I cooked it as I was experimenting but when I recook it I'll take note and make a recipe for it.

I wanted a pasta based dish, but didn't want the nasties that some pastas contain so I decided to make my own 'spaghetti' using the spiralizer. Every recipe I've read suggested courgettes but all I could find were baby ones which didn't spiral as well. Instead I opted for parsnip 'spaghetti'. 
I also spiralled some carrots as well as the baby courgettes, added prawns and made an asian sauce using sweet chilli sauce and some soy sauce. 

It actually turned out quite yummy and filled me up for ages!

Do you have any suggestions on what I can spiral next? What's your favourite alternative to spaghetti? 

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