Monday, 11 May 2015

Food: Mindful Eating


What is mindful eating and how can it improve our overall health?:

Mindful eating is the practise of looking at what you're eating. Have you ever stopped and looked at what you're eating, like really eating? What's in that take out food? Do you know what's really in that microwavable meal?
Last year I became a vegetarian (which only lasted a year until I caved) and it opened my eyes to what I was eating. I became aware of what was in certain foods and as a result I cooked my meals from scratch rather than ordering in or reheating pre made meals.
I'm not a vegetarian anymore but I still tried to watch what I was eating. It became hard because I was so tired after work and still had to whip something up for the Mr and William, so I ended up dishing out microwavable meals, takeaways, or steak and chips.
When you stop and think about what you're really eating and what you're body needs, it becomes a bit of an eye opener. When I was vegetarian I was always tired and moody. As soon as I had a bit of meat again my mood lifted and I was full of energy. My body was deprived of iron and vitamins, so I had to listen carefully to what I needed in order to correct myself.

I''m going on holiday next month and I've been trying to cut all the crap out of my diet, but it hasn't been easy as I eat when I'm bored.
I have been trying to listen to myself and only eat when I'm hungry and it has worked a little bit to keep me on track.

*DID YOU KNOW: the brain doesn't recognise that we're full until 20 minutes after we've finished eating?*

Apart from the fact that our bodies need food to survive, we also eat because we're bored, emotional, for social purposes etc. I know that I'm an emotional eater as well as someone who eats when they're bored. It's a hard habit to quit let me tell you.

In order to practise mindful eating, we should:
• savour our food
• listen to what our body wants
• chew your food well
• don't eat just because it's there
• don't restrain yourself to 3 meals a day

Look out for another post coming soon with my experiences of mindful eating and the benefits it had on my body.

For more information on mindful eating, click here

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  1. This post is amazing. It is so hard to stop and think 'why am I eating what I am eating?" but it can mean the difference between healthy habits and destructive ones!


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