Saturday, 11 April 2015

Beauty: Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium

A look at my favourite perfume:

I seem to get bored with perfumes easily and have quite a few in my collection that just sit there useless, or double up as a room spray. I've just never found one that wowed me into using it every day...
Until this. I first smelt this in a sample on a magazine page, and then again at an event I attended and I just couldn't stand not having it any longer. It's a dark, sexy sort of smell which is great for winter or night time, although I have been using it during the day too.
The scent is a girly-rocky type. There's definitely some floral scents that come through but the vanilla and coffee make this a dark scent.

Wow how hard is it to describe scents? I guess that this is just a perfume that you would have to go in store to smell.
Top notes: Black coffee
Heart notes: White florals
Base notes: Vanilla

I keep this in my handbag for top ups in work or on the go. The scent lasts a good 6 hours before I top it up, and sometime I don't even bother topping it up. A few sprays goes a long way with this so a 30ml bottle will last you a while.

Prices start from around £45 for the 30ml bottle and is available from high street stores such as Boots, The Perfume Shop, and Debenhams.



  1. I've been after this for a while and going to get it on payday! I've heard so much about this since it came out though, everyone seems to love it! x

  2. This sounds like a lovely fragrance! I love the bottle as well. Strong yet chic.

  3. I have this and it's fast becoming my favourite, I've been a firm Marc Jacobs Daisy fan girl for 4 years now, but this is slowly becoming my best fragrance! Great post :)


  4. I have had Black Opium on my wish list for a very long time now, one day! x
    Becoming Becca

  5. I love the bottle design of Black Opium it's so original and beautiful!


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