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I love Benefit Cosmetics. I've tried many more products by them that aren't shown here, but I could only find these to photograph. I don't own as much beauty products from a single brand like I do Benefit and I thought I'd go into detail about why I love them and their products.

When I first started blogging two year ago I think I only had one Benefit product which was They're Real mascara. I loved it but back then I thought the price tag was too high and so that put me off Benefit a little bit.
Fast forward two years, student loans and a job later, and I have built up a small collection of Benefit goodies.

My favourite benefit product is Gimme Brow which is an eyebrow product which adds tiny fibres to your eyebrows making them fuller and natural looking.
Oh but I love Boiing too which is the best concealer I've ever used. It's long lasting and high coverage which makes it ideal for bags and imperfections.
But then Hoola is a favourite too for creating a gorgeous bronzed, sun kissed look.

I really do love Benefit. Their wide variety of cosmetics, mixed with quirky packaging and the best press releases (although I don't get any of them, they're still pretty cool) and the overall atmosphere that goes behind the Benefit team both in their stands and on social media - it's hard not to love Benefit.

However I must admit that the product that I just can't get to grips with no matter how much I try is the They're Real gel eyeliner. I have good days with this, as well as bad days, and on the bad days it makes me wonder why I ever bought it. I just find that it dries out quickly. That being said though, when I do get it working I love it as I can create a great flick.

What's your favourite and least favourite Benefit product?



  1. I love the Theyre Real Mascara, Rockateur blush, Hoola bronzer, but I can get a little annoyed with their packaging if I am being honest. I know I am the odd one out I often find their packaging less than practical. Great products though :)

  2. Such a lovely collection of Benefit products! I've managed to build a pretty good collection up tooo! My favourite products have got to be high beam, posie & cha cha tint, alll of the blushers and Roller lash mascara!

    Jasmine |

  3. I was obsessed with Benefit's Sugarbomb blusher for ages until I got bored of wearing it haha! I really love Benefit too, such a great brand.
    Becky xxx GeekGetsGlam

  4. I absolutely love this post. Benefit has quickly become one of my favourite brands. They rarely disappoint. I love the quality of their products.

  5. I love Benefit, they have so many awesome products! I just adore the benetint, big fan.


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