Saturday, 7 March 2015

Tutorial: Hair Styles for shorter hair - Braid

A look at an alternative way to braid your hair - for short haired girls (or guys!):

This is a braid that goes around the top of my head. I started out on one side and braided my hair along the top, pulling the hair from the left over to the right. Then the braid went down the side of my head on the right and finally ending in the middle of the bottom of my head. 
If my hair was longer then I would have continued it and done a milkmaid braid but sadly my hair is too short for that (I did a previous post on a short haired girls guide to a milkmaid braid here). 

I wear my hair like this when I can't be bothered to straighten it/ wash it/when I'm short on time. It doesn't take long to do once you know what you're doing so it's great for when you're in a rush. I've also worn my hair like this to the gym as I can't put my hair up into a ponytail without half of my hair falling right back out. 

You'll notice that I did an inverted plait (where the plait looks like it's on top of the hair rather than being in your hair). I only did it this way as I found that it was easier to do. Any french plait will do though.

What do you think of this hairstyle? Will you be giving it a go yourself? (send me pictures on twitter if you do!)

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  1. Absolutely beautiful - you really suit the dark hair too! x

  2. it looks stunning!


  3. Very nice, shame I have long hair.
    Have you announced winner of GA btw?

  4. I really like this!! So elegant and pretty Xx

  5. This hairstyle is so pretty! I personally love crown braids and milkmaid braids so I'm really impressed how you made the braided updo look work for your length. :) My hair is a little longer so I'll stick to the traditional approach.

  6. I love this look! Will definitely give it a go, god knows what it will turn out like though!
    Kirsty x



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