Friday, 27 February 2015

Beauty: Monthly Faves

 A look at my monthly favourites:

This month I've seemed to spread my wings a bit more in the beauty departement and done things I don't normally do. I used to only wear eyelashes on nights out but I found these Eylure Naturals and fell in love. They really do look natural so much so that I can get away with wearing them during the day or in work. They're really lightweight too so you actually forget that you're wearing them. I have a few packets of the No 20 version, but there's other natural versions too.

I've also started wearing more eyeshadow and originally I wanted the Naked 2 palette as I used to have it a while ago. I decided to opt for this cheaper version from Make Up Revolution. This palette is a dupe of the Naked 2 palette and comes in under £4!

Everyone has been trying to achieve Kylie Jenner lips and my favourite lip liner for this is the No 7 lipliner in nude. It's just perfect for copying Kylie's look. I'll have to do a make up tutorial with it some time as it's just perfect!

A regular favourite of mine is the Becca concealer. I've spoken about it before on my blog (see here) but I honestly just can't get enough of it. I will have to take a trip to Space NK soon to buy another one as I'm running dangerously low.

And finally, I can't forget about my new beloved make up brush. The Real Techniques Contour brush which I mentioned here. It is the best brush I've ever used for contouring and although I wasn't originally blown away by it, it's crept into my heart and I've fallen in love.

What have you been loving this month?

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  1. The Becca concealer sounds great & so too does that palette. I love neutral shadows.

  2. I really like the Naked 3 dupe Revolution palette because of the rose tones so I'm sure this one is just as great! Need to try out the Becca concealer - I'm always looking for a good new concealer to try out. x


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