Friday, 2 January 2015

Beauty: Hyped Products of 2014

A look back over the hyped products of 2014:
Urban Decay Naked 3 palette (and later on the Vice palette and the Vault) (picture source here): I think I had this for about a week before selling it on eBay as the rose toned colours just didn't suit me. I prefer the Naked 2 palette. A lot of people were going crazy over this as they wanted to complete their set, but honestly I don't think that it's any good.

Smashbox Full Exposure (picture source here) and the Narsissist palette (picture source here): These two palettes sort of link in together as they're quite similar and I'm pretty sure they were released around the same time. Personally, I still want the Narsissist palette as it contains colours that I would actually wear on a daily basis. The Smashbox one is too glittery for me.

The Revlon Matte lip balms (picture source here) were hyped up because a lot of bloggers were sent them to review. I still haven't purchased any and haven't really heard of anyone talk about them since they were released, yet I still want one. Do/did you have one?

Zoella Beauty (picture source here) and Tanya Burr Lips and Nails (picture source here) were both hyped up because they were designed by two successful YouTubers. I haven't bought anything from the Zoella range as i read some reviews from those who actually purchased them saying they were a bit naff, but I did pick up a nail varnish by Tanya Burr, which was surprisingly nice.

Benefit Push Up Liner (picture source here) is one that i did buy. I don't use it anymore as I found it started to dry out quickly, but I did like it to begin with.

Garnier Micellar Water (picture source here) is another one that I purchased. I didn't buy it straight away, I went for the L'Oreal Skin Perfection. When that ran out I bought this one, and quickly wished I hadn't. The L'Oreal one is so much better (although nothing beats Clinique Take The Day Off).

Did you purchase any of these products? Are there any other hyped products I've missed?

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  1. I didn't know that the L'oreal version of the Micellar Water was that much better, maybe I should give it a go once I run out of the Garnier one! There were definitely a lot of hyped up products last year. Do you remember the Charlette Tilbury lipsticks? They were everywhere!
    Miss Blue Eyes

  2. I really disliked the L'Oreal version of the Micellar water, but maybe that was because I have sensitive skin and I just thought that the Garnier version removed my make up so much easier. I agree with you though, I prefer my Naked 2 palette over 3, I think that the shades are so much more pigmented x

  3. I use the L'Oreal micellar too, like it a lot.

    I do have one of the matte balms and I do like it though don't wear it loads, I love the glossy ones.

    I like Naked 3 but the rose gold obsession hasn't disappeared for me, yet.

    Wasn't too fussed about the Zoella stuff, I have the fragrance, it was ok, nothing special

    Love the post :)

  4. I have heard such mixed reviews on the Zoella range which has really put me off buying anything I would rather stick to LUSH and know 100% I would love it! Naked palettes....I want them so badly but there soo expensive and I struggle to pick what one I wan't first! Xx

  5. I've used both the L'Oreal & Garnier waters and thought that they were really similar! I tend to buy the L'Oreal because the shop I go to sells it much cheaper haha. Love this type of post!


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