Saturday, 1 November 2014

Lifestyle: Hiscox Entrepreneurship Workshop

Learn all about how to set up a business with Hiscox's entrepreneurship workshop:

The other weekend I took a trip down to London for an entrepreneurship workshop to learn all about businesses. As a business management student this interested me greatly, and with my own shop ( I thought it would be extremely helpful.

The workshop was ran by Hiscox Insurance (you may have seen their adverts on TV) and Start Up Academy.

"Entrepreneurship is growth"

The content of the day included:

Who are your customers?
How are you going to reach them?
Do you know what your marketing strategy will be?

How will your business operate?
Do you know what systems you will need?
What can you do to ensure you are working efficiently?

What is the biggest growth factor for your business?
How will your infrastructure change?
What is your back up strategy during slow periods?

How well do you know your cash flow?
What can you do to reduce your costs and increase profits?
How can you minimise your risk and safely manage debt?

The day was very informative and not at all 'school like'. It was very laid back and everyone was contributing to the day. There were always food and drink on hand and I even got to see Joe blogs HQ (which seems like the perfect place to work!).

I learnt a LOT of information which will most definitely be useful and I do encourage those who want to start a business to take part in workshops like this.

I would like to thank Hiscox, Start up Academy and Joe Blogs Blogger Network for this day. To read about the event then read Hiscox's blog post here.

Some resources:

Are you interested in setting up your own business? Would you go to a workshop like this?

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