Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Beauty: Leave in Conditioners

Leave In Conditioners I've been loving for my damaged hair:

Michael Van Clarke '3 More Inches' (£29) is a pre wash treatment that deeply conditions your hair. You can either apply to dry hair an hour or so before you wash it, or apply it to dry hair and leave it over night. I do the latter one when my hairs really dry (which is a LOT of the time) and I find that it really helps to bring some life back to my hair. It nourishes your hair from within and strengthens the hair strands as well as keeping them shiny and frizz free. The instructions say to use it every second wash, but I find that using it once a month is enough.

Bumble and Bumble Mending Complex (£25.50) is a leave in conditioning serum. This is suitable to use every day - just lightly coat your hair and style as usual. It's best for those who have chemically damaged hair (like myself with my bleached hair). I only really use this just after I've had my root touched up as my hair is at its most vulnerable the week afterwards. This serum ensures that my hair stays strong and doesn't snap or break my hair. Bleaching my hair has had terrible consequences on the condition, but I really do feel like this speeds up the 'heeling' process.

Umberto Giannini 'Mend My Hair' (£6.99) is a spray in conditioner that repairs damage and protects against further damage such as colouring, heat and dehydration. Spray it into your hair after you've washed it, and then style as usual. It leaves your hair feeling super soft! The only bad thing (and it's not really a bad thing) is that it smells quite 'manly' before you style it. Once you've styled it the scent fades somewhat but there is a tiny whiff of manliness left behind.

Macadamia Nourishing Leave In Cream (£16.90) is another leave in conditioner. Apply onto towel dried hair and style as usual. As it's Macadamia, its got their wonderful oil inside which just adds to the amazing-ness of this product. It leaves your hair silky, soft and shiney as well as well nourished. I use this daily for managable and tangle free hair.

These are my top leave in conditioners for damaged hair. What's your favourite? Have you tried any of these before?

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  1. I have dry hair and want to use leave in conditioners... Good idea? It's not really damaged. I don't use heat on it, the ends are just dry. These sound like great products to try!


  2. I've been trying to find a good product for my hair as I bleach mine too so it's good to have some guidance on what to get - I think I'll give the spray a try first.

    Claudia xxx

  3. My hairs wrecked I will have to try some of these! :) Xx

  4. The mending complex sounds really interesting! I've not bleached my hair in a long time, I wish I'd known about it then though. Would have saved a lot of heartache and split ends!

    India / Touchscreens & Beautyqueens

  5. Love your conditioners the only one I've tried out of that lot is the macadamia oil one which smells fab and is lovely on the hair, but I'd love to try the others you use, my hairs dry and damaged to, I like Percy and Reed, but at the minute using moroccan oil repair mask it's really expensive but it's helping my hair out loads

    Laura// xx


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