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Family: L'Oréal vs Avon

L'Oréal Kids shampoo vs Avon Naturals Kids:

Choosing a shampoo for your child(ren) can be a difficult task. If LO doesn't like the smell then it's usually a no go for bath time, or at least a very difficult time.
William is only four, but he is a very picky little boy and knows what he likes. In fact, William chose both of the shampoos above.
I loved the different scents of shampoos when I was younger whereas my mum loved the 'no more tears' aspect. 18 years later and I've swapped places with my mum and William is the one who loves the scent. 
When we swapped from baby shampoo to fruity 'kids' shampoos, William was ecstatic. He loved the new fruity scents which started his love for bath bombs (but more on that another time).
I'd like to think William is quite good at bath times but that's more because I let him choose which bath products he'd like to use. But anyway, onto the reviews.

L'Oréal Tropical Mango Shampoo | £1.99 buy here
This shampoo is really gentle on Williams hair, and leaves it nice and shiney. I love how glossy his hair looks after bath time. Then scent of the shampoo lasts for a quite a while after bath time too which is really good. I do however find that the bottle is difficult to hold and open whilst your hands are wet as the bottle is streamlined and smooth. 

Avon Naturals Kids Amazing Apples | £2.50 buy here
This is a shampoo and conditioner which is great (obviously) for washing the kids as you don't need to wash their hair twice. The scent doesn't last as long as the L'Oréal one, but it is stronger to start with. Williams hair is left tangle free which makes it so much easier to brush his wavy/curly hair. The bottle is easier to hold than the L'Oréal one as its shaped a bit better and the lid opens easier too.

my verdict: Avon 
Williams verdict: L'Oréal

So there you go, we both have a different verdict on which shampoo is better. I guess in the end it's all about the scent for kids. I'll continue to buy the L'Oréal one as although I do like the Avon one better, I'm also happy with the results that the L'Oréal one gives (and it's cheaper), and William likes it too.

What shampoo do you use on yourself/kids?

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