Thursday, 23 October 2014

Beauty: Harlequin Cosmetics Haul

 Harlequin Cosmetics haul:

I spoke about my love for Harlequin Cosmetics XOXO soap here, and after finishing that up, and then finishing up their Simply Soap, I just had to buy more.

The top one is the Purple Rain soap which is a beautiful marble of purples. I can't put my finger on what is smells like but it's made with Patchouli, Calendula and Ylang Ylang oils to uplift you as well as Avocado oils to moisturise.

The middle one is my all time fave XOXO soap which is the nicest soap I've ever used. No need to say more on it really apart from "go and buy it right now".

The bottom one is The Sweetest Thing which is made with real honey and cocoa powder. It smells edible (don't eat it though) and does wonders for your skin due to the honey in the ingredients. My son loves this soap which always makes bath time easier!

This is the Dolly Mix shower gel and the first shower gel I've tried by HC. My god does it smell divine! It'll make you want to eat yourself (not in a weird way or anything). It brings me right back to my childhood when I spent all my pocket money on pick and mix bags.
The scent lingers on you for a bit afterwards (which I love) so you can walk around knowing you smell great! The florescent pink is quite hypnotising too and will definitely brighten up a gloomy day.

These next three items were kindly gifted to me and are all part of the Christmas range.
The left one is the Snow Flakes soap* which has a mild minty scent. Its perfect for waking you up on those dark and cold mornings. Theres something home-y about it but I can't quite put my finger on it.

The middle one is the Big Pud bath fizzer*. Pop it under a warm running tap and watch it fizz away releasing a very festive scent. It is also extremely moisturising to the point where my skin was moisturised all day without the need for body lotions. This is a great product for those who has dry skin.

And lastly is the Gingerbread Man* soap. This smells exactly like gingerbread men and will leave your skin feeling the softest its ever been. The scent is so delicious that my son thought it was an actual gingerbread man when he smelt it. He's quite a thick little guy and will definitely last a fair few months.

Sadly Harlequin Cosmetics is closing down. They'll be closing up shop in January so if you'd like to try anything from their range then I would strongly advise doing so early. Their products are handmade and are made in small quantities therefore if stock sells out I doubt they'd be able to make more. 
I'm really sad to hear about this as their soaps are my favourite things ever! I'll definitely be buying more products from them come pay day.

Have you tried anything by Harlequin Cosmetics? What's your favourite scent for bath time?

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*some of these items were sent to me for my consideration. All views and opinions remain my own.


  1. Oh no!! Such a shame to hear they are shutting down! I met the owner at the Northampton Blogger Meet & the products are lovely and its great that she uses natural ingredients. I love the Christmas soaps, they're so cute! Definitely going to be getting some of those for Xmas prezzies!

  2. Oh lord!! I've never heard of this brand but it looks amazing!!

    xxx | daisydaisyxxo
    enter my Christmas giveaway!

  3. So beautiful and Christmasy! Look like really lovely products!


  4. Oh gosh, it's such a shame they're closing down. Their products look so lovely!
    I really love the look of the gingerbread man and snow flakes soap!

    Peach Pow XO

  5. Oh, such a shame! I've never heard of them before now, but I think I'll try some things and and maybe get some christmas presents in!


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