Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Family: William Starts Reception

William started his first day of Reception class on Wednesday 3rd and we were both as worried yet excited as each other. He was only in for the morning session the first week, and then Monday-Wednesday this week he's in for the afternoons. From Thursday onwards he'll be in the full day.
I think that this is a really good way of gently getting the children into school, especially if the children are new to the school or haven't been around other children before.

Luckily, William attended the nursery at the school last school year, and his friends from there have moved up into his Reception class with him. This was reassuring for me as I knew he'd have people that he knew rather than complete strangers. It was still hard for me to get him into school on that first day though.
William is usually shy and clings to me when he's going into an unfamiliar place or with new people. Once he settles down though he's playful, excited and cheery. I knew it would be hard to get him settled down after the summer holidays so the teacher suggested that I do a dump and run (not literally). It's like ripping a plaster off you, it hurts less if you do it at once and quickly. So the plan was to take him into class and hand him over to the arms of a teacher even if he was crying, which is what I had to do.
It was really hard to walk away from William as I could hear him crying and I couldn't do anything about it. I guess thats what being a mum is I suppose. Letting your children go off and do their thing no matter how hard I try to cling on.

I still remember my first day in Reception class. I didn't want my mum to leave me either and I remember screaming and screaming for her to come back. I remember that my older brother had to come into my class and sit with me for a bit to calm me down. I remember the teacher trying to sit me on her lap, and I was wiggling and crying so much that my shoe fell off. I also remember playing on my own that first day because the teachers told everyone to give me some space.
I got used to school after that obviously, but that memory is so strong in my mind. It makes me wonder if William will remember his first day.

I wasn't really ready for William to start Reception. In my mind he's still my baby and I want to be around him all the time. I want him to need me and rely on me but I have to face facts. He's growing up and I need to let him.

So far William has enjoyed school. When I pick him up he excitedly tells me of his day and all the things he's done and learnt. It makes me proud to think of him as an academic student and I love hearing him explain how he worked out some sort of construction game that the teacher had them all doing.

Do you remember your first day of school?

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  1. He sounds as though he really enjoys Reception already, it will get easier for you I am sure off it! William will always be your baby no matter how old he is!

  2. Awr he is so sweet. I can't remember my first day of school but I can probably imagine being nervous but excited! So good that he is enjoying himself xo

    EmsAlice // Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  3. Aw, I can only imagine how hard it would be to leave him there crying! Sounds like he's forgotten that already though and enjoying it - I do miss school! I don't remember my first day, but I imagine I was pretty shy and quiet!

  4. Ah bless! I recently had to run and leave Gabriel at nursery it's most possibly the worst feeling in the world, but your right it's just one of them things a momma has to do. Xx



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