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Beauty: Smashbox Lipstick in Vivid Violet

uk beauty blogger, smash box lipstick review, smash box lipstick vivid violet
 Review of the Smashbox Lipstick in 'Vivid Violet':

uk beauty blogger, smash box lipstick review, smash box lipstick vivid violet

uk beauty blogger, smash box lipstick review, smash box lipstick vivid violet

Smashbox Lipstick in 'Vivid Violet' £16 | buy here

Autumn and winter time always means darker lipsticks for me. I have a lot of dark reds for winter, but lately have been going more towards the darker purples (think MAC Cyber and Rimmel Glam Plum Fulham). Although I like the darker shades, I wanted a purple that I could wear in the summer to autumn transition (or winter to spring).

The Smashbox Vivid Violet is dark at first glance, but goes on light and builds up. I applied one coat in the picture above but I could easily have added more to build up the colour intensity.
The lipstick contains tiny glitter fragments which help to lighten the lipstick up a bit without being too glittery. Seriously, you can hardly see the glitter at all. I think that the light catches nicely on the lipstick and makes my lips looks great.

Colour aside, the lipstick is moisturising without being too glossy. It's a great lipstick for the colder and dryer months as I feel that you wouldn't need to apply a lip balm underneath this to ensure that your lips stayed soft.
The colour lasted about four hours before needing a touch up, which I think it great considering I was drinking a million cups of tea. It's not sticky, smells nice, and comes in a squared metal lipstick tube which makes it easier to distinguish between the other lipsticks.

Have you tried Smashbox lipsticks before?

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  1. Ooo I really like it! What a lovely shade for Autumn <3 looks fab on you! xx

  2. This is such a pretty colour! I'm always scared to wear really dark lipsticks so I like that the colour on isn't as pigmented as the lipstick.

    India / Touchscreens & Beautyqueens

  3. Very pretty! As I said on twitter, I love it! Your blog looks lovely too so i've followed :) If you're liking that kind of shade at the minute then check out L'Oreal Color Riche in 376, theres a blog post on my blog about it scheduled for the 20th.

  4. I really love red shades but I'm really tempted to try a purple. I would like to find a nice matte purple though :)

  5. This is such a gorgeous shade! It really suits you too :)


  6. Such a pretty shade, it suits you so well!

    Cat from Outside Beauty Inside Health

  7. Fab post!
    I have nominated you for The Liebster Award!
    Check out for more info!

  8. Gorgeous colour! Perfect for this season too! :) x


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