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Lifestyle: What Makes A House A Home

What does your home say about you?

I currently rent my apartment, so decorating can be tricky. The walls are a basic egg shell colour (apart from the kitchen which is a bright green), so making it feel more homey instead of a show room means adding in trinkets and things that show the world who my family are.

I am very fond of Harry Potter and so I have my Time Turner and Snapes wand displayed proudly in my living room along with my many books including my beloved classic Winnie The Pooh books.
There's also LOADS of photos of my little boy, and a handful of Mike and I. The only photo of the three of us together (one is usually always holding the camera and therefore it's rare to have all of us in one picture) is in my kitchen. Technically there's two copies, one used to be a calendar and is placed on the wall along with some American souvenirs, and the other is a large magnet on the fridge.
As well as photos and trinkets, my apartment is also taken up by Williams many artistic moments. Mainly self-portraits as he likes to keep the drawings of dinosaurs and cars in his room.

My favourite place in my apartment has got to be the sofa. It was originally from IKEA with a blue fabric cover over it (as the sofa itself is white... a four year old and a white sofa? You do the maths). The faded patches on the sofa from where we've all sat down on to watch some family films or eat our dinner together always make me smile. It might look horrible and faded to others, but to me its a memory, and that's what make my house a home.

I don't claim to be an interior designer, I just decorate my home with items that I like. Personally I think homes are better when they're cluttered with memories as they're the things you make in your home any how. Don't get me wrong, a show room house looks great on instagram, but I wouldn't feel at home living in one.

For inspiration on home décor click here.

What makes your house a home? What does your décor say about you?

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  1. Great post and good timing for me!:) I'm moving into my new uni house soon and at the moment it doesn't feel homely at all so I'm on the hunt for loadsa home decorations! xx
    alicekatex ♥

  2. i LOVE this post! I move into my new rented flat this weekend, so it's fab to see someone else's rented home to see how you've made it your own :)

    lillies and lipbalm

  3. Such pretty things :) I love seeing how people make rented houses look nice- something I'm getting used to while at university!
    Jennifer xx

  4. I love how personalised your house is - everything seems to have a good reason for being there! I love the polaroid photos!


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