Friday, 15 August 2014

Hair: Milkmaid Braid for short hair

My how-to version of the Milkmaid Braid for shorter hair:

(This probably has an actual hair style name)

I was running late for work one day and didn't have enough time to straighten my hair, or even wash it for that matter, so I decided to try a version of the Milkmaid Braid that's been popular.
My hair is really short (just about shoulder length) so I can't do it properly like Zoella does, so I changed it up a little.

I started by splitting my hair in half and french plaiting each side. I then joined the two ends together by tucking them underneath opposite sides and securing with bobbie pins.

For my first go I was pretty happy with the results but next time I would leave a bit of hair at the front, as well as using clear bobbles at the end of the plaits.

Would a youtube video on this be a good idea?

What do you think of this? Do you like the style?

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  1. I love the milk maid braids but my hair isnt quite long enough to cross over neatly - the bobbles end up directly on top of my head and it does not look nice!
    I may have to give this a try :)
    Natalie xx


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