Sunday, 20 July 2014

Lifestyle: Simple Glass Jars

Glass jars seem to be all over Pinterest at the moment. I show you how to use what's in your cupboard:

My boyfriend loves Spanish Chicken and I love Bolognese so these are usually always in our cupboards.
After cooking Mike's favourite, I was about to throw the jar into the bin when I realised that I could make it into something useful.
I gave it a clean and popped some fairy lights in which I picked up from ikea (here). It's looks pretty darn cool in the dark, believe me.
I used another jar for flowers, and I've now got several glass jars dotted around my flat with various things inside - all glass jars that previously had food in.

There's many ways to use them effectively; flower vase, lights, candles, pens, bits and bobs, make up brushes - even for holding smoothies in which always look good on instagram *wink*
I've even used milk bottles which I've popped onto my window sill with a single flower in.

It's an easy way to use a glass jar, and means that you don't have to spend any money buying them when you probably have some in your cupboards.

Have you done anything like this? Do you like the glass jar phase?

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  1. I hate throwing away glass jars & glass candle holders. These are such simple but pretty ideas, esp the fairy lights. Im going to get all crafty with my jars.
    Some of my more pretty glass candles I use as brush holders once all the wax has been burnt

  2. It looks so pretty- Im trying to add new things to my bedroom so this is a perfect idea!

    Katie //

  3. I've done this a couple of times, and it is such a simple idea but always looks great!


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