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Lifestyle: Rental Furniture For Your Uni Accommodation

Moving away to university can be a little daunting. Having surrounding that relax you can make all the difference to you settling in and feeling like home. Here I choose eight products from leading furniture store David Phillips:

David Phillips are an online furniture company who initially set up to provide a service which would meet the requirements of landlords and property management. They soon realised that people not only wanted to purchase products, but also wanted to rent them for a short period of time. 
This is perfect for university students who are moving away into private, shared accommodation as this type of accommodation is rawly stocked with adequate furniture. 

I've chosen my favourite eight products that I think would be beneficially to students like myself.

First up is the Ghost Table lamp, which comes in at £39. This is perfect for those -night-before-the-exam study periods when you're still hungover and the ceiling light is far too bright.

The next one is the Vienna Coffee Table which is £145. I love the design of this table, which the legs providing a sturdy base in case one of your friends decides to dance on top of it. 

The Butterfly Dining Set is perfect for smaller kitchens as the whole thing can be folded away and stored in a corner. The sides can also be extended to provide extra room, and the whole things comes fully assembled - so no need to put it together yourself!

As a beauty blogger I need a dressing table to store all my make up and skincare, and although you may not take your whole stash to uni with you, you very well may buy more while you're away at university. Student loans just scream to be spent. I love the Como 3 Drawer dressing table as its a great size, and the drawers attached means that it takes up less room in a dorm room for other drawers - it's all in one which means that when you've woken up 5 minutes before a lecture you don't have to run around your room looking for things.

The Cornwall corner sofa is perfect for smaller living rooms as you can just put this in the corner and not have to worry about finding room for a two piece. This come sin two colours, beige and anthracite, but personally I prefer the darker colour. It's also a good size for having people stay over (but David Phillips also stock sofa beds if you'd prefer one of them).

As well as furniture, David Phillips also stock essential packs including a 4 Place Kitchen Set (includes 4 piece crockery, cutlery, tumblers, 3 piece pan set, frying pan, can opener, corkscrew, veg knife, chopping board, wooden spoon, peeler, tea towel, nylon utensils and a white kettle and toaster), a Household basics set (includes vacuum cleaner, iron, mop and bucket, ironing board, broom, and a dustpan and brush),  a standard towel set (includes 2x face towels, 2 x hand towels, and 2 x bath towels), and essential cushions to make your new uni home feel a little more 'homey'. 

David Phillips have everything your student house needs, all at affordable prices and available to rent.

If you're like me and about to go to university in September (I'm about to start my last year) then good luck, and have fun!

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In collaboration with David Phillips


  1. I'm starting my first year in September, so excited!
    Water Painted Dreams xo

  2. Lived in a uni house with 7 guys but didn't go to uni. I was, however, responsible for making that house a home for the time we were there and love your picks!
    Have fun when you start back! x


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