Monday, 28 July 2014

Fashion: T-Shirt Dress

latest outfit featuring Monki at ASOS and Vagabond at Urban Outfitters:

dress: Monki at ASOS // bag: Primark // shoes: Vagabond at Urban Outfitters // necklace: Urban Outfitters // rings: Topshop and Callie Rose Accessories // watch: Michael Kors 

I finally got myself a photographer which means that I won't have to take awkward bedroom pictures with rubbish lighting. She's still learning all the ins and outs of my camera but I think she did quite well for her first time.

These pictures were taken at local park last week as we'd decided to go for a picnic while the weather was so nice. I took some outfit photos of William as he was getting jealous of all the camera time I was getting.

I have fallen in love with these Vagabonds. They're the Dioon lace up ones and are the comfiest boots I've ever worn. I'm a bit shy of my feet so in summer time they're usually hidden in Converse or something similar. I was a bit on the edge about buying these but I know I'll get so much use out of them in winter too so I took the plunge and I so glad that I did!

Outfit aside, I'm trying to take my blog a little more seriously and I'm slowly trying to change things about it. For example I want to start putting more food related things up, as well as more family related posts. I'm also trying to improve my photography skills and editing skills (I can use photoshop, just basic stuff though). Hopefully I'll know what I want by the end of summer as I go back to university then and I won't have as much time to figure it out. Be patient with me guys

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  1. Ah I love this whole look! Absolutely love the fact you've gone for black boots with white and pastel, stops the outfit being too girly and makes it edgy. I also love your necklace, I love Buddhist designs!

    India / Touchscreens & Beautyqueens

  2. Glad to see you're blogging more again! This outfit is pretty and whoever took your photos did a really great job they look brilliant!

    Natalie xx

  3. Such a beaut! Love your outfit :) xx

  4. Lovely pictures! Your photographer did a great job, I must say! The tshirt dress looks great on you. Love the outfit!
    Elina | Miss Blue Eyes


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