Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Beauty: Harlequin Cosmetics XOXO Soap

Harlequin Cosmetics XOXO Soap - the nicest smelling soap ever?!

Harlequin Cosmetics XOXO Soap | £2.99 buy here

This is THE nicest smelling soap ever. It smells like sweet bubblegum which is oddly nostalgic but I can't place my finger on why. I can't even express how nice the smell is - I want to eat it! 

I love the way the yellow and pink fade into each other, as well as the cute heart shape inside. 
This soap is handmade using avocado and jojoba oils to nourish the skin and reduce scars or blemishes.  
All Harlequin Cosmetics soaps are vegetable glycerine based and don't contain any SLS or Parabens. 

So how does it perform?
I've been using it for about a month now and there's still plenty left. One block could probably last about 4-6 months easily.
The oils in the soap soak in very fast and they really do leave your skin feeling very moisturised - even after shaving. It takes literally seconds for you to dry as the water just rolls right off your body.
Scent wise, you can still smell the lovely bubblegum scent, but it's not as strong as just sniffing the soap itself. it's a nice subtle scent that allows you to layer up with a body butter or something similar (not that you'd need a body butter after using this wonderful product).

All in all, it's love. And for £2.99 it's a bargain too! I'll happily buy more of this when it's finished.

Harlequin Cosmetics make handmade shower gels, body butters, soaps, lip balms and even beauty boxes! Be sure to check them out on twitter too here: @harle_cosmetics 

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  1. I met the owner of Harlequin at the Northampton Blogger Meet & her soaps all smelt amazing! Its great that they don't have harsh chemicals like SLS in either :)

  2. What a lovely lil brand <3 the soap looks mega cute and am sure it smells lovely!

    lovely post!


  3. Never heard of this brand, but this soap sounds super yummy!
    xprincessjas | ♥


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