Sunday, 9 March 2014


On Thursday I was invited to a Top Secret Coffee event in Manchester - now that's my kind of event!

I met up with Amy before the event, and together we headed to the Great John Street Hotel which is absolutely beautiful inside.  

What is Top Secret Coffee?
Top Secret Coffee is a high street brand that have gone undercover to offer the public their coffee and to see whether anyone can guess where it's from.
They put together a bloggers event to teach us about the different coffees and to offer us the chance to try their coffee.

The event started with a 'cupping' demonstration which is how you're meant to taste coffee (a bit like wine tasting). We were given three types of coffee beans to try, one from Columbia, Peru and Vietnam.
The beans are ground, then hot water is poured over. This is then left to set for about 3 minutes. Once that's done, the coffee beans on the top are scooped up so that the actual drinking coffee is left.
We were then told to slurp some coffee from each of the samples in our mouth to get a taste of the different varieties.
Personally, I liked the beans from Vietnam as they were much stronger than the other two. The Columbian beans tasted like raisins or something along those lines. The Peruvian ones were a little bit stronger than the Columbian ones and left a more bitter aftertaste.

After our coffee tasting experience, we were given the opportunity to try some of the finished product. I opted for a latte which tasted really nice and surprisingly smooth. It was a mix of both sweet and strong coffee beans which left a nice middle ground coffee that I would definitely purchase.

We all sat down to enjoy lunch and cakes with our coffee, which was a really great way to sample the coffee in my opinion. I got to chat and meet with some other lovely women in the Manchester area, as well as sampling some delicious cakes and finger food provided by the hotel.

And who was behind #topsecretcoffee? Greggs The Bakers! I would never have guessed that Greggs made coffee like that - it definitely rivals the likes of Starbucks and Cafe Nero. 

Top Secret Coffee are currently touring the UK offering the public samples of their great coffee. Follow them on twitter (here) to keep up to date with them, and to see if they're in a city near you!

Have you tried Greggs coffee before?

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  1. Wow, this sounded like an interesting event! Never would have guessed it was Greggs myself...I didn't even know they did coffee lol. Danielle x

  2. Awesooooome! :D The photos are absolutely adorable and it looks like everyone is having an amazing time! ^_^

  3. I was so sad when I couldn't come to this! It looks like it was a lot of fun. Really like your photos!


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