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Becca Compact Concealer review. A new favourite concealer?

Becca Compact Concealer | £24 buy here

I bought this from Fragrance Direct for £4.99 but they don't sell my shade anymore (see here), but it is available from Space NK for £24.

This concealer comes in a pan form rather than a wand applicator like the Collection Lasting Perfection has. It has two sides, one for medium cover, and another for extra cover - I thought that this was a great idea as it means you've essentially got two concealers in one.
The product comes with a little mirror which is great for when you're on the go, and has the iconic Becca logo imprinted onto a medal disc on the top.

The concealer itself is really good - both sides of it.
The extra cover side (the darker side) is thick and creamy. It goes on brilliantly and blends in perfectly. The picture above is a before and after of me wearing the extra cover concealer. I used it on my forehead, in between my eyebrows and under my eyes. I could see a difference straight away and was really happy with the results.
I have a few spots coming up in between my eyebrows which is really annoying and they can be quite red some mornings. I found that the extra cover side of this concealer covered them up all day without any touch ups - perfect!

The medium cover side of the concealer is less thick than the extra cover side. It's also creamier, but still goes on really well and blends perfectly. It's great for those days when you don't need loads of covering up, or for the summer when you don't want too much make up on your face. Again, it lasts all day without needing to be touched up which is just perfect in my opinion.

Both sides leave a nice finish - not too matte but not too dewy either. It's a nice balance in the middle which is great for me.

I think that this has become my favourite concealer. I would definitely purchase this again, and at the full price too!

Have you tried any Becca products? Whats your favourite concealer?

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  1. this looks really nice, i've seen some of the becca products on fragrance direct and really want to try them out xxx

  2. Oh I like that it is separated into more coverage and less coverage. How handy!

  3. This looks lovely. What a bargain for £4.99! I need to start checking out the Fragrance Direct website more often.

    Laura x | Life and Lipstick


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