Wednesday, 12 March 2014


How I store my nail varnish collection, all 73 of them...

Nail Varnish Acrylic Display Stand | £12.91 buy here

Just a quick post today all about my nail varnish storage. This acrylic nail varnish storage is from Amazon, and claims to hold 45 bottles - although mine holds 53. I think it depends upon how big/small the bottles are.

I've tried to organise my nail varnishes by colour as this makes it easier for me when I'm choosing which colour to paint my nails.
I like how this holder goes up in tiers, which makes seeing the varnishes easier. It's lightweight too (without all of the nail varnishes on).

I have a lot of acrylic storage from various places such as Muji, Urban Outfitters and eBay, and this storage matches them which is really good.
I think acrylic storage is timeless, and as it's clear, it practically goes which any decor - perfect for me as I like redecorating my room a lot.

I'm actually going to have to buy another one soon as I currently just have nail varnish bottles sat in front of the holder on my chest of drawers. 

How do you store your nail varnishes?
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