Wednesday, 5 March 2014


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Darn all these talks on twitter! My wish list just grows and grows constantly and I don't have enough money to curb my shopping addiction. 
This month I've been lusting after so many items that I've even considered selling my wardrobe on ebay to pay for it. I haven't, yet. 
The products above are products that I feel I need rather than want, although who needs material things anyway?

1 // This Topshop lipstick is in the shade 'The Damned' which I think is a gorgeous dark pink/purple colour. I'm in love with my MAC lipsticks but I hear that Topshop lipsticks are just as good. I need to try one to be certain of this claim.

2 // My Benefit Rockateur is one of my favourite blushes and I love the way it comes in a box rather than the same old plastic covering. It makes it stand out in my make up collection which in the end makes me notice it more and use it. I don't use many bronzers as I tend to contour rather than darken my skin, however I think I'd do both with Hoola (not at the same time) as I can see it being such a staple piece in my make up look and I really want to get my hands on it!

3 // I have been using a mini version of the Lee Stafford Poker Straight Flat Iron Protection Shine Mist (what a mouthful!) and I've been LOVING it! I want the full size asap. As well as protecting from flat irons and hair dryers, it also protects from environmental damage such as UV rays and such, which in turn helps to maintain my hair colour and stops it fading. Wonderful!

4 // As I've been trying to use more of my MAC 'Club' eyeshadow, I've actually found myself reaching more and more for eyeshadow on a daily basis. Apart from pigments, I only own one eyeshadow pan and I hope to grow my MAC collection even further by making some palettes. I thought that starting small with just four was a good way to go.

5 // I've been using the miniature set of the Extreme range by Redken and my hair has been loving the benefits of them. My favourite out of the set is the leave in treatment as I find that this does the most good to my hair. My hair has become a lot stronger and snaps less since I've been on Redken so I really want to keep it up. Hopefully when my hair is nice and healthy again I can venture into more Redken stuff as I hear the rest of their ranges are just as good.

What is on your wish list this month? Have you tried any of these products?

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  1. Lovely selection of products! I'm a massive Lee Stafford fan!

    Emma x

  2. Great wish list!
    I've wanted to try the Topshop lipsticks for so long, so annoying that my store doesn't sell the makeup line. Benefit's Hoola bronzer is lovely, you definitely need to add it to your collection :)

    alice xxx | beauty blog | beauty channel

  3. Topshop lipsticks are so pretty & feel lovely on my lips. I have a few shades but always want to pop in for more

  4. I really want to try out Topshop lipsticks, I hear they are really good! The Damned is a lovely colour.

    You won't regret buying Hoola, it's gorgeous! I've repurchased it a few times now

    Jenn | PhotoJennic


  5. I've wanted to try Redken's Anti Snap for ages!
    Also I really recommend Topshop lipsticks, they're great :)
    alicekatex ♥

  6. Great choices! I really want to try the Topshop lipsticks as well!

  7. I just bought a MAC palette and designed it so I could do a navy or everyday smokey eye - deep truth, naked lunch, shroom and black tie! Love the Topshoplippies too, will check out the Damned :)

  8. Just ordered a 4 pan MAC palette with naked lunch, shroom, deep truth and black tied! Also love the Topshop lippies - will have to try the Damned :)


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