Monday, 31 March 2014


These are the beauty products that have been in my handbag recently

MAC Minarilize Power in Light Plus
I really like this powder for touching up my make up during the day. It's really light yet leaves a beautiful finish on my skin. Sometimes when I'm having a good skin day, I'll just wear this over a little bit of concealer rather than wearing foundation too.

Bare Minerals Full Flawless Face brush
This is my main face brush that I use for my powders. I love that the brush head is so big and fluffy as it gets enough product onto the brush easily, and covers a larger surface area which means I can apply my powder quicker - perfect if I'm in a rush on a Monday morning!

Soap and Glory Hand Maid
Where would I be without my antibacterial gel? This is pretty much crucial if you spend a lot of time on computers like I do, especially computers that are shared with thousands of other people. When I go to the uni library this is ALWAYS in my bag. It smells amazing and does a good job (I think) of killing the nasty germs on my hands after I've been using the computers.

Soap and glory Hand Food
As well as the antibacterial gel, I also can't go anywhere without my hand cream. It smells amazing too and keeps my hands moisturised for hours - great for those who use their hands a lot.

Harlequin Cosmetics Origins Lip Balm*
I always apply this lip balm underneath my lipstick. It's really moisturising and lasts for ages too. it's been made with 100% organic ingredients which are kinder on your lips - also, it's free of parabens and sulphates.

MAC Lipstick in 'Cosmo'
This is my most favourite, and most used lipstick that I own. It's a perfect shade for everyday look, which is why it's always in my bag! This lipstick, paired with my Harlequin lip balm is a dream come true!

Q Radiance the Fine Fragrance Body Spray*
I'm not usually a body spray type of girl, but this spray smells 'grown up' and is't anything like the So...? sprays that I had a a young teenager in high school. It's a nice subtle scent rather than an overpowering one so I do tend to wear a similar perfume with this, and use this spray to top up my scent throughout the day.

Maybelline Big Eyes Mascara
I didn't think I was going to like this mascara but I can't go a day without wearing it. It's great for making my lashes look thicker and longer, as well as spreading my lashes out so I look more awake. Great for long days in university!

Primark Breath Spray
When I don't have any chewies, I'll have this in my bag. A few sprays and you have nice, fresh breath! 

Obviously I've had other things in my bag such as my filofax, purse, keys etc. But these are the beauty items that I can't leave my apartment without. 

What are your beauty handbag essentials? 
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  1. A lot of these are my essentials too! Though I seem to collect thousands of lipsticks in there too!

  2. I love the MAC powder, I always have mine in my handbag too!

  3. I have never heard of that MAC lippy, looks divine!

  4. I love hand maid and hand food, just bought both and they are complete handbag essentials!!

    Laura from Maquillage Magic

  5. I've not seen Cosmo before - but now I want it! Fab post!


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