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Every Valentine's Day I panic about what to buy for Mike, but this year I've been calm and did my research beforehand. As it's my sons birthday on Valentine's Day, Mike and I don't usually do anything as the day time is spent making William happy. At night Mike will usually treat me to a meal and we'll watch a film.

This year I thought I'd share a few gift ideas for both men and women to help you buy for your partner/secret admirer/cat/yourself.

*warning: this may be a long post*

Vinyl Clocks* | from £15.95

Vinyl Clocks are clocks that are made from old vinyls. They're perfect for music lovers and can be customised to anyone's music taste.
Vinyl Clocks were kind enough to send me a clock to feature in this post. They chose a vinyl for me so that it could be delivered as if it had been sent from a 'secret admirer' which I thought was pretty cool.
The Vinyl Clocks are packaged into little pizza box style boxes, with gorgeous pink covered polystyrene. You can tell a lot of love has gone into both making and delivering the product.
The vinyls themselves are made of high quality plastic which aren't too thin or flimsy.
There's a whole range of clocks on their website, with the opportunity to customise your vinyl to whatever music takes your fancy.
Vinyl Clocks are available in 7, 10 and 12 inches - and if you're worried about hearing that annoying tick tock that analog clocks can have, have no fear as VC are practically silent! (they even provide you with a battery so you don't have to wait around before popping it on the wall)
I love the whole idea with Vinyl Clocks! They're so unique and I haven't seen anything like them before. 

These aren't your usual Bomb Cosmetics Valentines Range but I much prefer these than their VD range. 
The 'Cherry Bathe-Well' bath blaster (£2.09 here) sort of smells like warm biscuits (imagine cookies in the summer). It's perfect for a 15 minute get away to the sun!
The 'Urban Rose' bath mallow (£2.24 here) is a perfect one for Valentine's Day as once the mallow has melted, you're left bathing in a bath of rose petals - how romantic! The Shea butter will leave your skin smooth and soft too, bonus!
The 'Man Grenade' (£2.49 here) is perfect for the guy in your life! Its infused with black pepper and rosemary essential oils to invigorate the soul! Perfect for your man to enjoy a little me time without the fear of being seen as girly!
The 'Knickerbocker Glory' (£2.99 here) is my favourite one - it looks good enough to eat! It fizzes in the bath, and the centre contains a cocoa butter swirl which moisturises and nourishes your skin. It smells really sweet (like ice-cream) so it's perfect for those of you who have a sweet tooth.
The 'Raspberry Ripple' (£2.09 here) smells and reminds me of childhood. It smells like the sweets you'd spend all your pocket money on (well I did anyway).

Lush Cosmetics 'Lots of Love' gift box* | £26.50

If you're not one to pick and choose different products then a gift box from Lush is perfect. This set comes with; Sex Bomb bath bomb, Ro's Argan body conditioner, Prince Charming shower gel, Tender is the Night massage bar and a mini version of their Neon Love soap.
And what's better than all that? It's already gift wrapped for you!

In my eyes you can never go wrong with flowers on Valentines Day (or any day for that matter). They can brighten your mood as well as your home and are a classic gift. 
The flowers above are from the Tesco Finest range which were around the £10 mark, although these days you can buy flowers online and have them delivered. A service that does this is Bloom & Wild who pack flowers into a letterbox sized box which you can then put together into a vase when you receive it. This is a great way of surprising someone on VD (or any other day).

*Shameless plug of my own shop here*
I started my shop, Callie Rose Accessories, as a way for people to find unique items easier, and for myself to make some jewellery. I've always liked making things and I thought that jewellery would be a great way to start.
Jewellery is a great way of saying 'I love you', but don't fear if you don't have anyone this Valentines Day as all the jewellery in my shop are reasonably priced and affordable so you can spoil yourself! The rings above can be found here

If you're organised and have a bit of time then you could make them a photo album of memories you have shared together. This is a great photo album from Paperchase (£10) as it has blank pages for your photos to go on, as well as pages which have pockets on - perfect for storing miscellaneous items which hold sentimental value such as train tickets from your first date. 

For some reason Mike and I seem to always get matching guys and girl scents such as the Jean Paul Gaultier fragrances. I think that fragrances are good Valentines gifts as they're usually on offer around now and many come with extras too.
Watches make great gifts as it's an item that can be used for many years to come. If you don't want to splash out for designer watches that you could always head to the high street and pick one up from Topshop/Topman, Urban Outfitters, Burtons or River Island who all do good ones.

Other gifts you could give are personalised jewellery, chocolates, home cooked brownies (if you can't bake then you can purchase brownies from here), skincare gift sets, experience days, or just cook them breakfast in bed.

I hope that this post has helped you find the perfect gift for your loved one/next door neighbour/the cat/yourself.
If you can think of any other ideas please leave them in the comments below!

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*this post contains products that I did not purchase myself, although all views and opinions remain my own. To see my full disclaimer click here.


  1. I luurve valentines day, I'm already excited!
    xxx | daisydaisyxxo

  2. These are great ideas! I am absolutely obsessed with that clock. It is amazing!

  3. I don't usually like to thoroughly read long posts but this one was so sweet and flowing that I managed to read every word! Very well chosen gifts and beautiful photographs! x

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